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The O&W – Then & Now By Ray Kelly

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Number 10 in a Series: Campbell Hall

Number 9 in a Series: Borden’s Switch, Burnside and Otters 

Number 8 in a Series: Rock Tavern – Part II

Number 7 in a Series: Rock Tavern – Part I

Number 6 in a Series: Little Britain

Number 5 in a Series: Bull’s Switch (Siding)

Number 4 in a Series: Dennistons

Number 3 in a Series: Meadowbrook

Number 2 in a Series: Dravos Switch

Number 1 in a Series: Moodna Yard

Editor’s Note: This was the “Moodna Yard” that Ray Kelly wrote in the very first issue of The Ontario Express Newsletter back in the Spring of 2014. Unfortunately at that time I was not posting them individually to the site, only as full Newsletters. As part of an ongoing project I am now in the process of extracting all of Ray’s articles from past newsletters and posting them in one place. This is the first of many so stay tuned!