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To all O&WRHS Members: 

Apparently there may be some confusion as to whether or not in-person meetings are taking place or if they are solely on Zoom. As many of you are aware, the February meeting was a HYBRID version with both in-person attendance as well as the Zoom option.

The society’s newsletter which will be coming out shortly explains this as well. In the meantime, I have updated the meeting invitation to address this and hopefully you as a member will take advantage of either option. The newsletter also lists the forthcoming calendar with future event dates as well. It is my policy to announce the upcoming Zoom link at least one week prior to its occurrence.  Below is the updated version of the invite which was sent to members on Saturday February 24th. If you have already registered, you need not do anything further.
Another issue is that some members are having the invites delivered to their SPAM or other areas in their email. While I have no control of this, if you know of a fellow member who may not be receiving my invites (this included) please let us know. 

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming March 2024 O&WRHS monthly meeting. The in-person event will take place in Middletown, NY at the Mulberry House Senior Center, 62-70 West Main Street. The Society’s Business Meeting will begin at 7:00 P.M. Upon conclusion, and a SHORT intermission, a presentation by Erik Pioselli titled “Owen Asks?” with interactive audience participation encouraged. We look forward to seeing both in-person and remote attendees. To register on Zoom please see below.
Where: in-Person or on Zoom
When: Mar 1, 2024 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: O&WRHS March 2024 Meeting

Please register at least 4 hours before the meeting by clicking the following link:

Note, you will be given a reminder 1 day before the meeting occurs.

New Projector Fund

Dear Members:

We need your help. Now that we are back to our first in-person meetings since Covid, we have found that our projector which was purchased in 2005 in no longer adequate. The AV Team is dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible, whether it be at In-Person Meetings, Middletown Railroad Day or at the Convention/Banquet.

That being said we have our eye on a new projector but it is not cheap. We will not buy a cheap machine and do this all over again in 10 years. Some of these units can go for well over $2500 so we are trying to keep the cost to a minimum. The Epson projector shown below is the leading candidate so far and should last us another 20 years. 

I have purchased much of the equipment for the Society over the years, they are as follows:

Two Computers, one Dell for the Archives and one custom for the Old Website. 

Two Epson Scanners for the Archives.

Dell Laptop.

Optoma Projector.

Two Da-Lite screens.

New Dell XPS 13″ Laptop.

Logitech C920e Webcam and Tripod.

I think my track record speaks for itself in researching and buying quality and long lasting items.

We have now added this to the list of donations members can contribute to.

If you wish to help make this happen you can go to the bottom of this page and use PayPal Donation button.

Please include your name in an e-mail sent to

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Ron Vassallo – “AV” Team Member.

Come join our family of very dedicated and active O&W enthusiasts. Becoming a member not only helps the Society, but greatly improves your connection to other Society members and Society activities, and access to all kinds of information about the O&W, plus you will receive information-packed publications worth as much or more than the amount of your dues.

Membership will bring you the annual OBSERVER publication, O&WRHS Calendar and the Ontario Express Newsletter, as well as access to this site and the “Member’s Only” area of our website at 

Sustaining Membership brings you the additional satisfaction of further helping to aid the Society’s historical activities.

Physical contributions to our Archives are always welcome, and may be tax-deductible. Please contact Jeff Otto at: for more details.

In order to receive posts from this website you must enter your e-mail address under “Subscribe to The Ontario Express!” on the home page and verify the e-mail that is sent to you. If you do not verify the e-mail you will not be notified when new articles or news is posted. You can then e-mail Ron Vassallo at: for your password to visit the “password protected” areas of this site.  

O&WRHS Membership Paper Application

How to Become a New Member, Renew or Make a Donation Using PayPal
Regular Membership: $45, Sustaining Membership: $60
Donate to Archives Fund, General Fund, Project 105 and Projector

By using the “PayPal Donation” button below, new members can join and existing members can renew their Society membership via PayPal in the same manner as when writing a check, paying just the membership dues amount or also including an additional contribution. You must either already have a PayPal account or create one when making this online payment. No fees are taken out by PayPal; 100% of your payment goes to the Society.

However, other than providing your name and email when prompted, PayPal does not provide a means for members to submit the other information (payment details, mailing address, phone number) that is on either the printed new member form or the printed membership renewal form (see item 6. below). 


1. Clicking on the “PayPal Donation” button below redirects you to a “Donate with PayPal Giving Fund” page within PayPal. This page shows the Society’s name and EIN number, as well as the Society’s mission statement.

2. When you click on the blue “PayPal Donation” button on this page you will be directed to a page with buttons labeled “$25”, “$50”, “$75” and “Other”. Click the “Other” button and then enter the appropriate total payment amount, inclusive of any additional voluntary contribution for the Archives Fund, General Fund, Project 105 or Projector Fund.

3. You MUST check the box next to “Share my name and email with this charity”. Only then will your name and email address be transmitted with your payment. If this is not done the payment will only be identified as “Anonymous” and the Society will have difficulty in determining who made the payment. 

4. Click the “Next” button.

5. If you do not already have a PayPal account, PayPal will ask you to create one at this time. Once you do this, the transaction will be completed. If you have a PayPal account, the transaction will be completed.

6. It is extremely important to send an e-mail to (see sample e-mail below). If you have any questions at all please use this same e-mail address. 





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