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Dear Members:

Upon request from many Members I have been happily prompted to start a “Classifieds” section on this site. 

We will see how this goes and hopefully there will not be any hidden issues that may be caused by selling private items through this format. 

Requirements are simple:

  1. The text can be sent in a Word Document including photos, but then the photos must also be sent separately, preferably in .tiff format at least 150 dpi. If you don’t know what all that means then use your best judgement and send the best images you can (phone photos are perfect) and as much text as you want, I have plenty of room.
  2. You can choose to list the prices if you want but that is not necessary, you can just have the potential buyers contact you for pricing. Obviously an e-mail address is a must and a telephone number if you want.
  3. Please keep this to railroad related items only, ie: lanterns, photos, models, books, etc.

Last but not least, the photo you see is a sneak peek at something for sale that will be announced in the upcoming Newsletter. Please don’t ask for any info. on it until then, I will not be able to divulge who the seller is or how to contact them, you will have to wait.

Send any submissions to: If the files are too big you can can send separate e-mails with each photo or wetransfer them as well. 

Best Regards…Ron Vassallo – O&Website Editor

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