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Rich Cobb’s Model Shop

Kingston_ModelThe Kingston, NY station on the O&W was built in HO scale from copies of NYO&W Historical Society blueprints. It’s outstanding that the Society members have preserved these records over the years, and make them available for modelers to “re-create” the O&W in miniature. The model was built from Northeastern Scale Lumber, Grandt Line doors and windows, Plastruc stone siding, Campbel shingles on the walls, and Northeastern Scale Models Slate shingle roofing.

Roscoe, NY – A northbound freight led by a set of FT’s rumbles by the Roscoe station in the summer of 1956. In less than a year wheels would no longer turn, and after not too much longer the station would disappear to make way for Route 17. The HO scale model is built of Northeastern lumber, Grandt Line doors and windows, and Northeastern scale models slate roofing. Thanks to Mal Houck for casting up those nifty roof braces.

Highview, NY: I used cardboard that’s like posterboard, only a little thicker, and has a dull white finish on both sides for the walls. I then ran the plans thru a copier and cut out the building ends and glued them to the inside of the posterboard to use for the pattern. The window and door openings were cut out to match the sizes of Grandt Line windows and doors, and the openings were lined with 1/8″ square balsa covered with paper to make the walls look thick. After painting, the doors and windows were glued on the inside. The roof is Kibri tile roofing.

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