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New Article
By Robert McCue
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By Bob Earle
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Maybrook Historical Railroad Museum

We are located at 111 Schipps Lane, Maybrook, NY.
Our hours are 1-4 pm, Saturday and Sunday, April 1st through October 31st.
Any special inquiries regarding the museum, please call Bob at 845-778-7016.


Wreck on the O&W, Main Street, Middletown NY – 6-25-32


Modeling the O&W – No. 43 in a Series: The Wreck of No. 70 at Luzon March 13, 1907


Modeling the O&W – NO. 37 in a Series: A quick tip from an “Engine Builder”

Microsoft Word - O&W ICC accident report article 9-28-37.doc

Accident on the New York, Ontario & Western Railway, Middletown, NY, Sept. 28, 1937


Modeling the O&W: “The Great Timber Fleet” Part I


NYO&W coaling station at Middletown, NY


Great Stations of the New York, Ontario & Western