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Not Quite O&W, But By Bob Earle & Dan Myers

I hope that all of you have received your Newsletter by now and those that are attending the Convention and Banquet have sent their dinner and raffle forms in as it is approaching quickly, I can’t believe we’re heading into October!

I apologize again for the delay and condition of the Newsletter. After much consideration I have decided that if this happens again, next time using first class, I will be switching printers so as to not use the same Post Office again. It is a tough decision to make, as we love our printer, but the handing of the Newsletter in such a fashion in inexcusable and while not the printer’s fault it can’t happen again. 

With that being said here is the article by Bob Earle and Dan Myers in .pdf format. It has a color postcard in the article that is worth viewing.

Enjoy and I’ll see some of you at the Convention and Banquet…I can’t wait!

Not Quite O&W, But