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Fall 2016 Newsletter

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Hello all you O & W fans! Your Publications committee has been diligently at work to insure that you will receive all our current publications. By now you should have received your 2017 calendar as well as election papers , renewal forms, and sales list. I would like to give kudos to Bill Schneider for his outstanding layout and design of your societies 2017 calendar. Also many thanks to Mal Houck for the insightful captions which accompany the monthly images. And speaking of images, a thousand thank yous to Doug Barberio for choosing and providing the many photographs used by Bill for our awesome calendar. I would also like to thank the mailing crew for all their time and work on our behalf. Thanks to Ray Kelly, Bob Earle, and Jeff Otto for obtaining the envelopes; labeling and stamping the envelopes; and getting all the copy done for inclusion with the calendar mailing. And of course a big thanks to Allan Seebach and George Shammas for their time and tremendous help in stuffing the envelopes so the mailing could go out to all our members. Gee, now that I’ve said all this, it sort of sounds like thanks at the Academy Award Ceremony!

As you can see it takes a team effort to get something like the calendar to get completely finished from soup to nuts! One person would be hard pressed to perform all the tasks associated with an O&W publication. We are truly blessed with dedicated volunteers who give of their time and work .

The newsletter is also a team effort. The design and format , as well as the eventual assembly of the electronic newspaper falls squarely on the shoulders of Ron Vassallo! Ron is a dedicated and enthusiastic O & W fan and trustee. He is an integral part of our newsletter . We are so lucky to have such a talented man as Ron. And where would we be without Mal Houck? Mal works with Ron to produce the O&W newsletter. And Mal contributes articles about the O&W for our edification and enjoyment . We are also indebted to Ray Kelly and The AV Chief for their many interesting articles as well. Finally, our events and meetings calendar is assembled by Doug Barberio. Again, a great team effort!

Finally, we have listened to you and have decided to provide our members with a black and white printed version of the electronic newsletter . We think that this hard copy will reach all members and keep them informed about upcoming activities associated with the society.

Please feel free to sign up to help with the publication crew. We are always looking for volunteers. Thanks to everyone for being a member of the O&WRHS.

Carl A. Ohlson

Publications Chairman

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