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For those O&WRHS Members that were gracious enough to sign up for this online version of the Newsletter I am able to tell you in one post that our Convention is still happening on November 12th. The Theme is “Along the Rivers” from Livingston Manor to Cadosia and will have Jeff Otto, Doug Barberio and Allan Seebach as Presenters. There will also be a car you from Cornwall to Meadowbrook by Ray Kelly as well as a modeling Clinic By Mal Houck. The flyer which should be sent out soon will have the rest of the details, speakers, etc.  We are sorry it has taken this long to get this to you but some issues arose which made a mailing party delayed. I believe the 2017 Calendar will also be mailed with the Flyer included, along with other important paperwork for elections and so forth.

So we appreciate your patience you should get something in the next week or so. Again the Convention is on Nov. 12th if you are planning on going and is again at the Meadowbrook Lodge in Meadowbrook, NY. They do have a website for exact address and directions.

Best Regards…Ron Vassallo – Co-Editor and Blogmaster – Ontario E-xpress Newsletter.


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