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O&WRHS Archives Update



With the new owners doing major renovation to the Clemson Brothers Building in Middletown, it has caused a major disruption in the Archives.

To say some things are in disarray would be an understatement but somehow our Society President and Head Archivist Jeff Otto has everything in an “organized chaos” and he is working hard to make ensure all of our material is secure and protected during this transformation, but he can’t do it alone!

He has a few volunteers helping out but many more are needed, and fast! We ask that if you have a few hours, a full day or whatever time you can spare, please think about helping out. Think of it helping to ensure what has been preserved stays that way and allows them to get back to doing their important archival work! And as a bonus you may see and learn about the O&W in a way you could not experience anywhere else. 

Please reach out to Jeff Otto at
You may also be able to reach him at 845-283-2637 or 845-343-2467.

archivesPhoto of Society Trustee Joey Senese at the archives this week helping out.
The photo shows only a small part of what these guys are up against
to get the Archives back to where it needs to be.

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